I am a quick and dirty programmer 🙂 and programming is my hobby.
Here you’ll have some examples.

S_PRN.exe is a mini-aplication written in C/C++ for the use of SCORE engravers to make list of files easer.

struct S_PRN {
        char  fname[13];
        char  number;
        struct S_PRN *link;
        } ;
 struct S_PRN  *del_inssvfl, *inssvfl ;
 unsigned int cnt, cntsub, cntfiles, tempcnt;
 FTYPE *flist, *p, *sublist, *filelist, *ffine;
 struct DIRECTOR {
    int  row;                    // absolute row to display dir box
    int  col;                    // absolute column to display dir box
    int  wid;                    // absolute number of columns in dir box
    int  hgt;                    // absolute number of rows in dir box
    int  cnt;                    // file count
    int  max_lines;
    int  max_cols;
    int  cols;                   // logical number of columns in list
    int  lines;                  // logical number of rows in list
    int  prow;                   // logical number of rows in partial row
    int  vcols;                  // number of virtual columns, if any
    int  nfiles;                 // number of files on screen
    int  avail;                  // number of available slots for files
    int  select;                 // current file under cursor
    int  flist_col[3];           // offset from col to display each column
 // Funtions declarations
 void   disableBlink();
 int    dec(int a[], int cnt);
 char  *data_decompres(char *string, int data);
 char  *time_decompres(char *string, int time);
 void   s_output(char *text, int row, int col, int color);
 int    list_and_pick(char *dname);
 void   shell_sort(FTYPE *flist, int cnt);
 void   set_dir_window(DIRECTOR *dir, int cnt);
 void   write_dir_list(FTYPE *flist, DIRECTOR dir);
 void   recalculate_dir( DIRECTOR *dir , FTYPE *flist, int offset );
 int    select_file(FTYPE *flist, DIRECTOR *dir);
 void   high_output(int row, int col, int nr, int color);
 void   addatend(struct S_PRN **q, char *fname, char number);
 void   display(struct S_PRN *q);
 int    count(struct S_PRN *q);
 void   save_on_disk(struct S_PRN *q);
 void   distroy();
 void   print_message(char *string);
 void   scrooldown();
 void   save_on_diskfullpath(struct S_PRN *q);

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